The Ultimate Campus Experience

Classhopper solves all your social and financial needs throughout your university life!


Budget-Friendly Deals

From dining to apparel, grocery to entertainment! Check out the exclusive deals from your favorite brands and venues.

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Master Your Campus!

Get the latest buzz in campus, share your ideas and comments on the boards, know about all the upcoming events and announcements.

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Know You From Somewhere

Thanks to social circles, find the students’ interests and have the opportunity to meet the ones you are curious about.

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Hassle-Free Financial Control

Manage your money effortlessly with low-cost banking services, “go dutch” with your friends easily, benefit from credit and loan opportunities.

İkinci El ve Takas İmkanları

Artık kullanmadığın eşyalarını ikinci el satış veya takas yoluyla yeniden değerlendirebilirsin.

Kariyerini Geliştir

Cep harçlığını çıkaracağın yarı zamanlı işler ve network imkanı sağlayacak kurumsal isimlerle kariyerini geliştirebilirsin.

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