1. Ratification of the Agreement

By filling out the user registration form, it is possible to become a member of the Classhopper (Application, platform and / or application.) platform through the mobile application. Each Classhopper user and/or visitor accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she accepts and will implement the terms and conditions of use set forth on the site, together with the terms and conditions of use, agreements and policies set out on the site, as well as the provisions of this User Agreement (the "Agreement") concluded with GEN Z ELEKTRONİK İLETİŞİM TANITIM VE PAZARLAMA A.Ş. ("GEN Z" or "Company or “Classhopper").


Seller/Seller Company: The natural and/or legal person who provides goods and/or services to the Customer through the application of GEN Z, the Intermediary Service Provider, or acts on behalf or on behalf of the provider of the goods and/or services,

Application: The application that belongs to GEN Z with all intellectual and industrial rights in which the products/services offered by GEN Z to its customers in relation to the stores belonging to the member merchants with which it is contracted, which can be used on mobile and other internet-connected devices, can be ordered.

Customer/User: A person who creates an order request for goods or services through the Application.

Party(s): Customer, Seller and/or GEN Z.

Contract: A distance sales contract established between the parties pursuant to the information contained in this Form.

Product/Service/Goods: Service, goods, products or discount coupons related to the services, goods, products or related to them that are procured/provided by the Seller in the regions served by GEN Z and selected by the Customer from among the options available in the Application and offered by the Vendor to the Customer through the GEN Z application (through the campaign offering and payment within the scope of the application). In contracts concluded between the Customer and GEN Z, the use of one of the words product, service or good is agreed to cover the other two.

Force Majeure Situations: Circumstances that may objectively prevent or delay the fulfillment of the obligations of the Parties, including, without limitation, weather disturbances that impede transportation, transportation interruptions, infrastructure and internet failures, fire, earthquake, flood, other natural disasters and epidemics, disturbances, widespread acts of violence, strikes or regulations of the authorities.

2. Services

Classhopper; It offers advantageous expenditures and other related services to its users, who are actively engaged in education and training activities within the universities, from the member merchants of the system via electronic communication tools.

3. Classhopper User System

In order to use the application, each Classhopper user must have only an individual university e-mail address with an .edu or edu.tr extension and a "Password" obtained by registering or verifying their e-mail address.

Although the passwords are only within the user's knowledge, if forgotten, the necessary instructions for the new password request registered in the system will be sent by Classhopper via e-mail with the request to be made through the mobile application. The protection and/or determination of the password is the sole responsibility of the user and GEN Z shall not be liable for any problems arising from the use of the password or any damage that may arise is not liable under any circumstances.

Classhopper has the right to reach its users through all kinds of communication channels by using the communication channels shared with the Classhopper platform, to share various promotions, campaigns and similar information.

All intellectual property rights of the data to be generated by using the Classhopper platform belong to Gen Z Elektronik İletişim Tanıtım ve Pazarlama A.Ş. GEN Z may issue reports containing demographic information with such information without disclosing user membership information, or may use such information or reports itself and may share such reports and/or statistics with its business partners and third parties with or without charge. These actions do not constitute a violation of the provisions of the GEN Z Privacy Policy.

4. Obligations of the User

When users use GEN Z services;

5. Powers Granted to GEN Z

At any time, GEN Z may completely stop the operation of the platform or temporarily suspend it. Due to user actions and actions that involve suspicion of security, GEN Z may completely suspend or temporarily suspend the possibility of the respective users to make payments via the Online Payment Method. In no event shall GEN Z be liable to its users or third parties for any complete suspension or temporary suspension of the system or the use of the Online Payment Method.

After filling in the submitted application fields, the email and password will be viewed and approved by GEN Z. Users who log in to the Classhopper platform or members who have completed the Classhopper user registration form completely and completely will be able to prevent them from using their password or having a new password indefinitely. Classhopper; providing its services as error-free and safe, in a timely manner, the quality of service will respond to expectations, the results obtained with the use of the service will be reliable and accurate, but it does not undertake them. GEN Z has the authority to delete and backup all or some of the messages, files that users will keep in the environment during their use of the system at such intervals as it deems appropriate. In no event shall GEN Z be held liable for deletion or backup. GEN Z owns and copyrights arising from the ownership of documents, designs, information, software, graphics, etc. that it has purchased from outside and/or produced by itself.

Classhopper may open additional/additional services, convert services that do not require user membership into a form that requires membership over time, and convert some of its services it has selected into a fully or partially and/or paid form. In this case, the right of the user to terminate the Agreement and withdraw from membership reserved.

GEN Z may make changes in the application of this Agreement, add new clauses or amend existing clauses in order not to the detriment of the users in order to comply with the technical obligations/necessities that may arise in the future and the relevant laws.

6. Intended Use

Users will be able to make payments to contracted institutions through the Classhopper platform, and they will be able to benefit from this service provided that they upload to the mobile application.

Since there is no control of the relevant third-party policies within the scope of the service provided by our company through third parties and offered to your experience within the scope of our application, it is recommended that you read the policies, service conditions and texts that concern you such as clarification texts of all third-party websites to which you are directed within the scope of our site. Our company shall not be held liable under any name for any damages of any kind arising from the activities of third-party websites.

7. Payment

Users; Using the Online Payment Method, they will be able to pay instantly online by credit card, debit card or similar payment instrument and other payment systems. You can contact us for detailed information about the distance sales contract and other terms and conditions for online payment methods and request detailed information about the operation of our sales channels.

If only the campaign coupon (the campaign method that allows discounted use of the Seller's services through the coupon purchased from the application of the Intermediary Service Provider) is purchased by the Customer, the post-coupon product sales price and all other fees, if any, and all additional fees such as taxes, duties, fees and taxes offered to the Seller will be collected from the Customer in cash, credit or debit card or other payment methods during delivery. GEN Z, which is not a party to the purchasing relationship between the seller and the customer; is not liable for any damages arising from the contract of sale between these parties and the performance of the contract.

The campaign fees to be paid by the user similar to the product/service sales price or campaign coupon are collected by GEN Z on behalf of the Seller, GEN Z has full authority to collect the product and/or service fee and campaign coupon-like campaign fees on behalf of the Seller.

If the online payment option is selected, the sales price of the product and/or service, the related costs, the fees related to the provision of the service and any additional fees such as any other taxes, duties, fees will be collected from the payment instrument chosen by the Customer. The product sales price is charged by GEN Z on behalf of the Seller. The QR Code (QR Code) indicating that the payment for the product and/or service payment or the campaign coupon has been made will be submitted by the customer to the seller information before the seller offers the product and / or service to the user, and thus the seller information to whom the online payment is made will be provided by a two-step verification method.

In cases where payments are made using the Online Payment Method option, if the card is used illegally by someone other than the holder, legal action shall be taken in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Debit Cards and Credit Cards No. 5464 dated 23.02.2006 and the Regulation on Debit Cards and Credit Cards published in the Official Gazette dated 10.03.2007 and numbered 26458.

Your purchases within the scope of our application are carried out through our payment systems partner "Iyzico". For this reason, it is recommended that you also evaluate Iyzico's privacy policies and other relevant policies in order to get detailed information about your data you have provided to Iyzico. For iyzico Privacy policy, see: https://www.iyzico.com/gizlilik-politikasi 

8. Personal Data

While becoming a member of Classhopper, users declare that they expressly consent to the processing of their personal data such as name, surname and electronic mail address ("Personal Data/Data") shared with GEN Z, which is the data controller, within the framework of the principles set out in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, and the transfer of their personal data to abroad and to 3rd parties during their movements within the mobile application after the membership,  accepts and undertakes. Personal Data is processed abroad and 3. The transfer to persons, the processing of personal data is based on the established legal relationship between the "User and GEN Z". Within the scope of this contractual relationship, Personal Data is processed by GEN Z by its business partners in contractual relationship with this GEN Z for purposes such as analysis, marketing, statistics and 3. It can be transferred to individuals, processed or anonymized and used. For detailed information on the subject, it is recommended that you review our Company's Privacy Policy and Clarification Texts.

9. Retention of Information and Burden of Proof

User information, comments/reviews, orders, etc. stored in the GEN Z system are stored for at least three (3) years subject to the GEN Z Privacy Policy. These protected data and user records stored in the GEN Z system constitute conclusive and binding evidence in any dispute arising from the performance of this Agreement. This Agreement is subject to the laws and legislation of the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Enforcement Directorates are authorized to resolve and resolve any disputes that may arise from the performance of the Agreement.

10. Enforcement

This agreement between the parties enters into force indefinitely from the date of the user's filling out of the user registration form.


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